Please review our services offered; we hope you find the help you need. We are practitioners who believe in providing the best care for our patients to help address your health concerns and optimize your physical function. We provide treatments and procedures that help with pain relief, stress relief, headaches, postural improvement, muscle cramping, joint misalignments, muscular imbalances, and athletic performance, among other conditions.


Congratulations to Dr. Victoria Sharko on completing all her licensing requirements. It has been a pleasure watching her grow and transition from student/intern to chiropractic doctor!  We look forward to welcoming her back this summer!

Our Approach

At Yonge-Norton Wellness, we focus on the whole person. Our vision is for a world where each of us is able to connect with our body for an enhanced human experience.

Our mission is to assist each of our patients along their journey to transcend the limitations of pain and dysfunction rather than becoming complacent with "aches" as being synonymous with "injury" and "aging".

Our goal is to help you to live your best life.