Sharon Jones

Registered Massage Therapist
Sharon Picture for CMTO

Sharon RMT attended the Sutherland-Chan school of massage therapy, and has always had a strong interest in body mechanics and how it connects psychologically and emotionally. Her work is motivated by this interest, coupled with her desire to help others reconnect with their bodies.

Sharon likes to combine relaxation with therapy to provide a fulfilling experience and promote wellness. Client care is very important to Sharon; she aims to provide efficient care to manage stress, pain and injury, and to provide the necessary education for maintaining and progressing results achieved with a massage session.

Florence Ugnasi

Registered Massage Therapist
Florence U. photo

Florence is a Register Massage Therapist with years of experience in the Philippines, prior to obtaining her diploma from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy.

She specializes in deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques, among others. Florence is dedicated to using her acquired skillset to assist you in alleviating pain and stress or tension." Witnessing the recovery and well-being of her clients is both a professional and a personal goal."

Florence is committed to close collaboration with clients to provide secure and effective treatment. "Your journey towards recovery and health is important to me, and I welcome the opportunity to be a part of it."