Mhardhee (Dee) Gatus

Registered Massage Therapist

Mhardhee aka. Dee Gatus is a graduate from Everest College in 2010 and she has since gained experience in Pre- & Postnatal massage, Infant massage, MVA treatments (Motor Vehicle Accidents), Sports injuries, Repetitive Movement Syndromes & injuries, as well as Postural focus therapy. Dee has an intriguing interest in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage as well as Myofascial Stretching, MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) Joint Mobilization, Remedial Exercise and Infant and Pregnancy Massage.

Dee was introduced to, and intrigued by massage therapy because of her past injuries. She is fascinated by the human body and its capabilities and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She is passionate about teamwork as an essential ingredient in achieving your optimal health and wellness long-term results. For this reason, Dee actively works with her client’s other Health Care Providers throughout the treatment planning process.

Sharon Jones

Registered Massage Therapist

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